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Every fifth year  Halmstad. 103 754. (102 767). 987. 18.

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4,472.79 km²; 4,445.86 km² (2019); 3,189.14 km²  in adult AML is age-dependent in the population-based setting University Hospital; Sundsvall Hospital; Norrland University Hospital. There is a large increase in the population of Sweden during the 1800's, The image shows sailing ships in the port of Sundsvall in the 1870's. Sundsvall, Sweden, is a city and the seat of Sundsvall Municipality in Västernorrland County, Sweden. It has a population of about 50,762. It includes the town of  Population, Municipality, % Correct.

Districts. Sundsvall, 400 kilometers north of the Swedish capital, was a small local port town before 1850, serving a rural area with relatively small indications of over-population due to the availability of marginal arable land and work opportunities at shipyards and iron foundries.

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It has a population of 51,354 as of 2010; more than 95,000 live in  It has a population of 51,354 as of 2010; more than 95,000 live in the municipal area.


The  The population of Sundsvall, as estimated in late 2010, is 48,463. Discover the population of other cities in Västernorrlands Län, Sweden.

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Region Type: city | Population: 94,531 | Area: 27 km2. You can improve this city by suggesting a panorama for its header. av J Sundin · 2004 · Citerat av 9 — Disease, health and public care in the Sundsvall district 1750–1950. Report no. 9.

Sundsvall population

Sundsvall Municipality (Swedish: Sundsvalls kommun) is a municipality in Västernorrland County in northern Sweden. The seat is in Sundsvall.
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Sundsvall population

Travel guide resource for your visit to sundsvall. The city population is about 51,000 (2010), but including suburbs the total is close to 100,000. Hyra stuga/semesterhus - Torp; Sundsvalls gustav adolf dejt It has a population of 51, as of ; more than 95, live in the municipal area.

× Fountain in Sundsvall near Skedlo It is primarily a sleeper town for Sundsvall, with a residential population of about  av P Hammarström · 2008 — The big fire in Sundsvall in 1888 and the consequent relief work affected the. Jewish population in several ways. The Relief Work Committee which was active. @sweden - Sundsvall, Sweden -Source: - Lappland, Norge Hirschka huset, Sundsvall, Sweden It has a population of about 50,762.
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2000-11-01 Population (31 December 2010) • Urban. 97,755: Time zone: UTC+1 • Summer : UTC+2 : Sundsvall is a town in the county of Västernorrland in Sweden. It is the seat of Sundsvall Municipality.

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so Junsele is a medium size city that  Sundsvall. Veronika Povare in 8A, 2011, wrote the winning IESS essay for the later the Black Death (1349-1350) killed about 30 % of the English population,  Inception.